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Homeless Conductor 

(original 3D animated short)

An animated short by Dony Chiang / H.C.Studio
(Winner of the Royal Reel Award in 2011 Canada International Film Festival)

It's about a Conductor who has already lost his career, lost his chance to perform on the stage again.

Even he ended up being a homeless in the corner of the street, he still try to find something to fight against the loneliness and indifference of the city, one night, he pick up his old baton and try to wip it, then something happens, something about music...

ホームレス コンダクター








​失去了人生全部舞台的指揮家, 現在只是街頭的一個流浪漢, 然而他還不想放棄音樂,於是他再度揮舞起指揮棒, 在寒冷的深夜裡產生了音樂的奇蹟...

Art direction - Dony Chiang

Design - Dony Chiang

Animation - Dony Chiang