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Birdman APA

(original 3D animated short)

It's a love story about A man forgot how to talk and a girl who can't smile

APA is a scientist who just think about how to get to the space to go for his dream.Everything went smoothly, and the energy for departure are almost complete.

He should have no regret, but just before launch of his spaceship,a girl come up of his mind...

バードマン​ アパ







Art direction - Dony Chiang

Design - Dony Chiang

Animation - Dony Chiang & H.C.Studio members

Concept - Teresa Lee

「這是一個有關, 忘了如何說話的男孩, 和不知如何微笑的女孩 之間的 愛的故事」

主角所居住的蛋屋是一個大型的宇宙觀測站, 房間周圍滿布的都是世界美景的電子螢幕和電子儀器, 電子的花朵, 電子的寵物, 電子的大自然奇景, 他曾經以為這個房間裡已經有了他所有擁有的一切, 直到有一天他看見了小佩...

BirdMan APA 鳥人阿帕 (Animated Short) 原創動畫短片

BirdMan APA 鳥人阿帕 (Animated Short) 原創動畫短片

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